Educate yourself and voice your opinion on the Hollins transgender policy.

The New York Times wrote an article titled “When Girls Will Be Boys”  addressing transgender students at single sex institutions as early as 2008.  This is the same year our transgender policy was introduced. Here is just an excerpt of what the author, Alissa Quart, wrote:

“Same-sex colleges have always been test beds for transformations among American women. … It was, after all, at all-female schools that many young women first began to question the very notion of femininity. … For [some scholars], femaleness did not automatically produce femininity and maleness did not produce masculinity: gender was fluid and variable, something to be fashioned, and could shift in character depending on the culture or the time period. As some see it, the presence of trans students at single-sex colleges is simply a logical extension of this intellectual tradition.”

Are transgender students an extension of a all women’s education?


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