Educate yourself and voice your opinion on the Hollins transgender policy.

Male, female or neither?

Published over a year ago, the CNN article titled, “Male, female or neither? Gender Identity Debated at Same-sex Colleges” by Stephanie Chen touches apon the challenges facing same sex universities as they begin to adopt transgender policies. The article feature two single sex institutions: Morehouse (all mens) and Mount Holyoke (all womens).

“After interviewing more than 30 administrators at women’s colleges, Marine [a trans scholar] said there are concerns that alumni will react negatively to the idea of allowing cross-dressing or nongender-conforming students on campus. As a result, they could refuse to donate money to the school.”

However. “in 2003, a student-led initiative at Smith College replaced gender-specific language in the student government constitution such as “she” and “her” with more neutral terms. ”

Is Hollins responsible to its alumni or its current students? 

Smith changed its constitution to be more inclusive almost ten years ago! We adopted our policy four years ago… is hollins stuck in the past?

After reading about Smith’s success, what student-led initiative would you like to create? What change would you like to see?


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