Educate yourself and voice your opinion on the Hollins transgender policy.

“Better Dead than Co-ed”? Transgender Students at an All-Women’s College by Laura MinSun Brymer (from the William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law) is a scholarly text that discusses transgender students in relation to the definition of woman.

The article “advocates for a looser definition of the terms ‘woman’ and ‘all-women’s college.’ Because ‘woman’ is not clearly defined in the law, all-women’s colleges can take advantage of this flexibility to craft policies that will enhance diversity and embrace the nontraditional.”

Like the title of the article mentions,  “better dead than co-ed” is a common reference to a university’s commitment to remaining a single sex institution. After all, “the number of women’s colleges in the United States declined by nearly two-thirds between 1960 and 1986.”

But the question is, do transgender students signify co-education? How do you define woman? 



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