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Support from Student Affairs

“New Directions for Student Services” is a professional text addressing progressing and inclusive policies for student affairs officials. Chapter 5, Transgender Issues on College Campuses by Brett Beemyn, Billy Curtis, Masen Davis, & Nancy Jean Tubbs addresses the following:

This chapter discusses the experiences of transgender students and how student affairs professionals may effectively address these students’ needs in areas of campus life where transgender students have unique concerns:

  • programming
  • educational programs
  • support services
  • Inclusive policies
  • housing
  • bathrooms & locker rooms
  • counseling & health care
  • college records & documents

How do you think Student Affairs at Hollins supports Transgender student in these areas?

How could Hollins do more?


“Better Dead than Co-ed”?

“Better Dead than Co-ed”? Transgender Students at an All-Women’s College by Laura MinSun Brymer (from the William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law) is a scholarly text that discusses transgender students in relation to the definition of woman.

The article “advocates for a looser definition of the terms ‘woman’ and ‘all-women’s college.’ Because ‘woman’ is not clearly defined in the law, all-women’s colleges can take advantage of this flexibility to craft policies that will enhance diversity and embrace the nontraditional.”

Like the title of the article mentions,  “better dead than co-ed” is a common reference to a university’s commitment to remaining a single sex institution. After all, “the number of women’s colleges in the United States declined by nearly two-thirds between 1960 and 1986.”

But the question is, do transgender students signify co-education? How do you define woman? 


The Chronicle Article

Hollins received national attention for its transgender policy in October when Don Troop from The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote the article “Womens University to Reconsider Hard Line on Transgender Students.”

Troop wrote, “Scholars and student-affairs officials agree that the Hollins policy is the strictest one they have seen at an American college. It just seems so unnecessarily punitive,” said Erin E. Buzuvis, a professor at the Western New England University School of Law who has written about transgender policy.”

What does our transgender policy say about Hollins? Does it reflect your values and beliefs?