Educate yourself and voice your opinion on the Hollins transgender policy.

Our Transgender Policy

Hollins University, Student Handbook 2011-2012, Pages 10-11

Hollins University offers undergraduate liberal arts education for women. Needs of students vary widely and University administrators, faculty, staff and students do their best to support all Hollins students.

Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe people who have gender identities, gender expressions, or gendered behaviors not traditionally associated with their birth sex. If a degree-seeking undergraduate student initiates sex reassignment from female to male (as defined by the university below) at any point during her time at Hollins, she will not be permitted to continue attending Hollins beyond the conclusion of the term in which sex reassignment is initiated, and under no circumstances will such student be allowed to graduate from Hollins.

The university considers sex reassignment to have occurred when an undergraduate student ―self identifies‖ as a male and initiates any of the following processes: 1) begins hormone therapy with the intent to transform from female to male, 2) undergoes any surgical process (procedure) to transform from female to male, or 3) changes her name legally with the intent of identifying herself as a man.

If a residential undergraduate student chooses to begin sex reassignment as defined above during an academic term, the administration reserves the right, based on the best interest of the student and the university community, to decide if the student will be permitted to continue living in university housing for the remainder of that term.

Applicants to the undergraduate program, who have completed the physical sex reassignment surgery and legal transformation from male to female and who fulfill our academic requirements for admissions, may be accepted. Males in the process of changing to female will not be admitted to the undergraduate program.


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