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“A Man in the Women’s College”

“A Man in the Women’s College” by Adam Polaski from March 21, 2011 tells the story of Aden, a trans male who encountered harassment while at an all womens university near Boston. Despite some tension with students and administration he appreciates his all womens education.

Specifically Aden said, “It’s really helped me to become a different kind of man. I think if I were at a co-ed institution, I would have tried harder to fit into the mold of what a man should be, stereotypically. And I think there wasn’t that pressure—I could be whoever I wanted to be because I was one of the few boys there. I definitely think it pushed me to go beyond what people expect a man to be.”

Aden also said, “They’re very good at [the college] at being open to the lesbian community, but that sometimes takes away from being open to transgender people. We’re kind of the forgotten group in ‘LGBT.’

Does Hollins support the transgender community in the same way it supports the lesbian community?