Educate yourself and voice your opinion on the Hollins transgender policy.

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Our Wikipedia Page

Like almost every college, Hollins has an extensive wikipedia page that covers everything from academics to notable alumni. As a product of the social media phenomenon, a Wikipedia page is the result of anonymous and countless contributions. Each page is a mix of details that individuals deemed worthy to mention.

Noted right along side our student body statistics, is mention of our transgender policy.

What message do you think this sends to prospective students? Or potential employers researching your alma mater?

How does this policy represent you?


The Chronicle Article

Hollins received national attention for its transgender policy in October when Don Troop from The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote the article “Womens University to Reconsider Hard Line on Transgender Students.”

Troop wrote, “Scholars and student-affairs officials agree that the Hollins policy is the strictest one they have seen at an American college. It just seems so unnecessarily punitive,” said Erin E. Buzuvis, a professor at the Western New England University School of Law who has written about transgender policy.”

What does our transgender policy say about Hollins? Does it reflect your values and beliefs?